Mahindra & Mahindra Limited: History, Company Profile, Founder

onAugust 1, 2022

Owning a four-wheeler vehicle was a matter of self-respect and honour before 30 to 40 decades. Every family in India cannot afford a four-wheeler vehicle. Those vehicle rates skyrocket, making it impossible for many families to buy a car.

Fortunately, Mahindra & Mahindra company manufactures cars and SUVs at an affordable rate, allowing most families in India to own a four-wheeler. The company also made a massive change in agriculture by manufacturing tractors at an affordable rate. 

All the vehicles of Mahindra & Mahindra are robust, durable, and effective in running long distances. The price of the Mahindra & Mahindra vehicle starts from 4 lakh and can go to 30 lakhs. One of the cheapest four-wheeler vehicles of the Mahindra group is KUV-100 NXT, and one of the most expensive vehicles of this company is Mahindra Alturas G4. 

Mahindra & Mahindra is a multinational company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This company has various divisions like the automotive division, financial division, logistics, retail and informational technology in more than 100 countries over the globe. 

The automotive sector consists of selling automobiles and spare parts, and the farm division comprises of selling tractors and spare parts. The other division consists of logistics, construction, and various others. The informational technology division handles all the It related services of the company, and the financial sector consists of all the company’s services related to financing and purchasing vehicles.

The company has manufacturing plants in various locations in India, like Nashik, Nagpur, Chakan, Rudrapur, Mohali, Kandivali, and numerous others. It was established in October 1945 by two brothers, K.C. Mahindra and J.C. Mahindra and Ghulam Mohammad, in Ludhiana, Punjab. It first traded steel and later manufactured four wheels, which became reputed in the Indian and international markets.

The article discusses more about Mahindra & Mahindra company. So, keep on reading the article for more information.

Founder Of Mahindra & Mahindra 

The Mahindra & Mahindra company was established by J.C. Mahindra, K.C. Mahindra, and M.G Muhammad. 

J.C. Mahindra was born in Ludhiana, Punjab, in 1892. His father left him when he was too young. So he took the burden of the family on his shoulders. He had to take care of his mother and nine siblings, which was difficult for him during his childhood. He believed in his educational power and started the Mahindra & Mahindra company in 1945, which is now famous all over the globe. He died in 1951.

The K.C. Mahindra was born in 1894 in Ludhiana, Punjab. He is the brother of J.C. Mahindra. When their father left the World, J.C. Mahindra became the head of the family, and K.C. Mahindra became his best friend. Later K.C Mahindra became the business of his brother J.C Mahindra.

K.C. Mahindra studied at Government College Lahore, where he performed excellence in academics. Later started the Mahindra group with his brother in 1945. K.C. Mahindra departed from this World in 1963.

Company Profile

Key PointsInformation
Name of companyMahindra & Mahindra
Name Of FounderJ.C Mahindra, Kailash Mahindra, Malim Gulam Mohammad
Date Of Establishment2nd October,1945
Place Of EstablishmentLudhiana, Punjab
RevenueINR 1.06 lakhs Crores as of 2020
CEOAnish Shah

List Of Subsidiaries Of Mahindra & Mahindra 

#1. Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited, or Reva Electric car company, is a Bangalore-based company. It manufactures and designs electric vehicles which do not emit any pollutants. Chetan Maini established this company in 1994. It has headquarters in Bangalore, India.

 The first vehicle of this company was REVAi electric car which was available in almost 26 countries. Fortunately, Mahindra sold 4000 versions of this vehicle globally by March 2011.

The Mahindra & Mahindra company acquired Reva company in 2010. The Reva company inaugurated the electric hatchback e20 in 2013.

Today the Reva company sells various electric vehicles like electric sedans e Verito,e -Supro, and three-wheeler powered by lithium-ion batteries.

#2. Mahindra Tractors

Mahindra Tractors is another subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra.

Fortunately, Mahindra & Mahindra became the World’s selling tractors in 2010. The company builds around 150,000 tractors per year.

Mahindra B-275 was the first tractor launched by M &M in 1963. Mahindra & Mahindra company wants to expand its market in China. So, it started acquiring most of the stakes in Jiangling.

M & M company also started to raise awareness about the tractors in U.S Market, for which it started sponsoring a car in NASCAR.  

#3. Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited 

The Mahindra two-wheelers Limited is another subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra company which manufactures scooters and motorcycles. It was established in 2008 and has headquarters in Pune, India.

The Mahindra Two Wheels Limited has partnered with Sanyang Industry Company to develop a portfolio of scooters.

This company has a manufacturing plant in Pithampur, Madhyapradesh, and the R $D department in Chinchwad, Pune.

#4. BSA Company

The Mahindra group bought BSA company in 2016 to introduce motorcycles with the BSA name in the market.

The Mahindra company declared its inauguration of the new BSA model in England, which is named Gold star and will have 652CC of the liquid-cooled engine.

#5. Yezdi

Yezdi is an automotive industry manufacturer which was founded in 1960. There are various models of this brand, like the Jawa 50 Jet-A series, Yezdi 60 Jet B series, Yezdi 60 Colt, and others. Unfortunately, the company was closed in 1996. 

It is because of two reasons, i.e., labour problems and increases in pollution control rules which made the two-stroke bikes produced by this company discontinue in the market.

The Yezdi brand was reintroduced to the market in 2022 by Mahindra & Mahindra. 

Three models have been introduced in the market, i.e., Roadster, Scrambler, and Adventure.

#6. Swaraj Tractors

The Swaraj tractors were earlier known as Punjab tractors Limited and were founded in 1974. Punjab tractors limited was the first company in India to manufacture agricultural tractors. But Mahindra acquired it in 2007, and its name was changed to Swaraj tractors.

The swaraj tractors used to have a profit of 80 crores annually. But after Mahindra group’s acquisition, the profit rose to 500 crores in 2011-2012. The Swaraj tractors’ market value rose from nine per cent to 13 per cent in 2012-2013. The sales volume doubled from 35,000 to 95,000 units.

#7. Peugeot Motorcycles 

Peugeot is a famous motorcycle manufacturing company in France. It was founded in 1898.

Mahindra & Mahindra acquired this company in October 2014 with 51 per cent ownership. Today Peugeot is producing scooters and three-wheelers with engines varying from 50 to 500 cc. 

The scooters of Peugeot are sold in almost 60 countries and have production sites both in France and China.

Mahindra & Mahindra acquired a 100 per cent stake in Peugeot company in 2019.

#8. Automobili Pininfarina

The Automobili Pininfarina GMBH is an electric vehicle manufacturing company that has headquarters in Munich, Germany. It was owned by Mahindra & Mahindra in 2015.

Mahindra & Mahindra History

● 1945

The two brothers, K.C. Mahindra, J.C. Mahindra, and Malik Ghulam Mohammad, established this company. Its name was named Muhammad & Mahindra. The main aim of the company was to trade steel.

● 1947

Unfortunately, India was partitioned in the year 1947. Malik Ghulam Mohammad left the company in India and moved to Pakistan. He entered Politics after migrating to Pakistan.

● 1948

The two brothers changed the company’s name, i.e., Muhammad and Mahindra, to Mahindra & Mahindra. The company started doing steel business with U.K. suppliers. The company earned a license for producing Willy’s Jeeps In India At that time.

● 1949

The company started producing Willys CJ3A, the first off-road four-wheel vehicle introduced in the Indian market.

● 1950

The company started doing business with Mitsubishi Corporation, using 5000 sheets of steel for making wagons.

● 1955-1956 

Mahindra & Mahindra announced getting into public in 1955, and in 1956 it was listed on the Bombay Stock exchange.

● 1960

The Mahindra sintered products were established when Mahindra & Mahindra company agreed with Bir Field, GKN Group, U.K.

● 1961

Mahindra & Mahindra agreed with U.S. agriculture manufacturers, trucks, and automobiles to manufacture tractors.

● 1962

Mahindra Ugine Steel company was established when the Mahindra & Mahindra company agreed with Ugine Kuhlmann in France to produce steel.

● 1963

Keshub Mahindra became the company’s chairman after Kailash Chandra Mahindra’s death.

● 1965

The company closed its factory in Mazgaon and established a factory in Kandivali for manufacturing SUVs and tractors.

The company even entered into the light commercial vehicle section after establishing Vickery Sperry of India Limited after a business agreement with Sperry Rand Corporation in the United States Of America. 

● 1969

The company started exporting spare parts for utility vehicles to numerous parts of the World.

● 1977

The International tractor company of India united with this company and became its segment.

● 1983

Mahindra & Mahindra company became one of India’s highest sellers of tractors and held its position for 30 years.

●  1987

The company entered into Telecom I.T. services after an agreement with British Telecom U.K., later known as Tech Mahindra.

● 1991

The company initiated commander vehicles in the Indian market.

● 1993

The Mahindra steel service centre limited was established in 1993. 

● 1994

Mahindra & Mahindra company recognizes its primary segments as infrastructure, automotive, farm equipment, and financial services.

● 1995

Mahindra Holidays and Resort India Limited was opened in Munnar.

● 1996

Mahindra Ford India Limited was formed in 1996. The main aim was to manufacture passenger cars.

● 1999

The Mahindra & Mahindra financial services limited, which was opened in 1995, plays a vital role in financing the U.V.s of Mahindra.

● 2000

The company established the first satellite tractor plant in Rudrapur. The same year it launched Mahindra Arjun 605 DI in the Indian market.

The Bolero was launched by the M& M Company this year. The majority of Indians loved the vehicle. The Bolero was sold in higher numbers for almost ten years in India. The M & M company even got a new logo this year, which displays the company’s vision.

● 2001

Mahindra & Mahindra company launched a three-wheeled vehicle called Champion this year. It even started Mahindra Maxx, which has maximum caption space and comfort. The company did a tie with Renault company for petrol engines.

● 2002

The chief minister of Tamilnadu inaugurated Mahindra World city in Chennai. Mahindra Scorpio was also launched in the same year.

● 2003

Mahindra Tractors won the most prestigious Deming prize this year. The company launched two important vehicles, i.e., Invader, a sporty vehicle, and Maxx Pik up. It even set up another Tractor plant in the USA.

The company entered into the business of Industrial engines this year and launched the first turbo tractor in India, i.e., Mahindra Sarpanch 595 DI Super Turbo. 

● 2004

That year, the MSAT(Mahindra systems & Automotive Technology) was set up. The company even launched Bolero and Scorpio not only in America but also in the Middle East and African markets.

The Mahindra group signed an MOU with Jiangling Motor Company Group(JMCG) to attain all the manufacturing products of Jiangling Tractor Company.

● 2005

The company had 51 per cent ownership In Star Transmission Private Limited. It is a company that manufactures gears that are used in automobiles. It even acquired 80 per cent ownership of Mahindra Tractor company located in China. The Mahindra pride school even started empowering young people that year.

● 2006

Mahindra group attained Stokes Group Limited, one of the largest automobile forging companies in the U.K.The same year, Mahindra company also launched the Scorpio V series.

● 2007

The company introduced Mahindra Pik Up in Chile, a country in South America. Navistar International Corporation signed an agreement with the Mahindra group. The primary purpose of the deal was to produce diesel engines for vehicles like trucks and buses in India.

The Mahindra group acquired Punjab tractors limited in 2007; in 2009, it named it swaraj tractors. 

● 2008

The Mahindra group entered into the two-wheeler business. It also initiated an automotive facility in Chakan, Pune.

The same year Mahindra group initiated an innovative fuel system in Scorpio SUVs and Bolero.

● 2009

The Mahindra & Mahindra company entered aerospace this year. It even launched Xylo and Scorpio in the market.

● 2010

The Mahindra & Mahindra company took 50 per cent ownership in Reva Electric car company. Later in 2016, it changed its name from Reva Electric car company to Mahindra Electric mobility-limited after taking 100 per cent ownership.

Mahindra Satyam sponsored the FIFA World cup in the same year. It even launched Mahindra Blues, one of India’s biggest music festivals.

The Mahindra group divided Mahindra Defence System Division into Mahindra Defence System Private Limited. It even signed an agreement with BAE Systems PLC in that year.

It even launched Maximo, a small cargo vehicle, in 2010. 

● 2011

The Mahindra group acquired Ssangyong Motor company this year. The SYMC is a manufacturer of sports and recreational vehicles in Korea. The company also received 38 per cent of EPC industries private limited share capital. The Bristle Cone International AG became a subsidiary of the M&M group.

● 2012

Mahindra Research Valley was opened in Chennai. The Mahindra Reva Factory was also recognized this year.

The M &M group also entered into passenger vehicles in Kenya by launching XUV500, Scorpio, Genio, and various utility vehicles. It even signed an agreement with Telephonics Corporation, and its name is Mahindra Telephonics Integrated System Limited.

● 2013

The M & M company did the partnership with an online company called so that the site could sell two-wheelers. The company expanded dealerships all across India. It launched a new Bolero Maxi Truck Plus in Ahmedabad.M & M company started running New Maximo plus in Bengaluru and Chennai.

Mahindra Satyam and Tech Mahindra joined in 2013. Mahindra Reva was highly praised all across the globe. The two-wheelers of M & M company won three awards at CMO Asia.

● 2014

The M& M company launched yoga seats in some vehicles. It even signed an agreement with the Bhutan government to promote Mahindra electric vehicles. 

Mahindra Defense naval systems started a new plant in Chakan, Pune. The logistics of this company acquired a significant partnership in Lords Freight India Private Limited. The company entered the FIA Formula E championship this year.

● 2015

Mahindra & Mahindra company started its manufacturing facility in Zaheerabad, Telangana. It announced KUV-100, which is the brand name for sports vehicles. The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mahindra groups signed did partnership in machinery involved in Agriculture.

The Mahindra Group also launched a mini truck called Jeeto and SUV TUV -300 in India.

● 2016

The company announced that its sports vehicle KUV-100 was booked by more than 21,000 people only in one month. The SsangYong group announced a new version of the sports vehicle known as Tivoli in South Korea.

The agriculture business of this company launched the brand milk, which is categorized under the Saboro brand.

It launched a new Sports vehicle, NuvoSport, on 4th April 2016. Again on 15th April 2016, the Mahindra group announced entering the automobile market in the U.K. by launching e2O electric car in London.

Mahindra group introduced Automatic transmission in the W6 type of sport vehicle XUV-500.

On 12th May, Mahindra Group announced an improved version of the sports vehicle TUV-300 with an mHAWK-100 engine.

The Mahindra company launched a new electric vehicle, i.e., e-Verito, which you can charge within 1 hour 45 minutes, and the charge will last for almost 110Kms.

Mahindra group started TRRINGO on 28th July 2016, in which the farmers can rent tractors and other essential equipment for a certain period.

Mahindra Agri solutions declared the launching of 4 new varieties of pulse brand under the NuPro brand in Mumbai in August 2016.

Mahindra group announced a small vehicle known as Jeeto on 12th August, 2016, which luckily gathered almost 20 per cent market share in one year.

M&M company initiated DiGiSENSE Technology in JEETO and IMPERIO vehicles. The technology is used in X7-16(BS4)of JEETO and D.C. V.X. of Imperio. The company declared that this technology would help in the production of vehicles. 

Fortunately, the M&M company became the first company in India to introduce cloud base technology in small vehicles. 

The Mahindra group introduced hybrid technology, i.e., Intelli hybrid, in sports vehicle Scorpio in Delhi and NCR. The company says introducing the new hybrid technology will help reduce fuel consumption by 7 per cent.

Mahindra group launched the e20 plus in October 2016, a new electric smart car.

The Mahindra company announced the inauguration of the spare parts warehouse in Jaipur. It is one of the most modern and extensive spare parts in North India, which will cater to the needs of people who want spare parts for automobiles and tractors.

● 2017

Mahindra group suddenly acquired 75.1 per cent of Hisarlar, a farm equipment company in Turkey. The revenue of Hisarlar was 208 million Lira in 2015.

The Mahindra company announced in February 2017 that it has planned to invest nearly 1500 crore in Nashik and Igatpuri plants in Maharashtra. It will invest money in the Nashik plant to improve automobile manufacturing.

 Simultaneously the Mahindra company will invest money in the Igatpuri plant to increase the manufacturing and supply of engines.

The Mahindra truck and bus division announced launching the Delhi Mumbai service corridor and made it available within a distance of 60Kms.

The Mahindra group initiated DigiSENSE technology in Arjun Navo, a tractor brand. The technology will help the farmers increase their productivity and give them the experience of an owner.

Fortunately, Mahindra company launched a superior technology in small tractors under the JIVO brand, which people can utilize in horticulture farming.

The Mahindra group introduced new features in the Sports vehicle XUV-500.

The Mahindra company and Dimo group announced Mahindra YUVO, a new tractor brand in Srilanka.

The Mahindra group revised the prices of vehicles subjected to GST. It reduced the cost of SUVs and U.V.s by 6.9 per cent and small cars by 1.4 per cent.

The Mahindra company launched Jeeto Minivan on 13th July 2017, a comfortable passenger carrier.

Mahindra group started two new businesses in Bhutan on 29th July 2017, i.e., one with trucks and buses and another is construction equipment. The company will do these two businesses by agreeing with M/s Singye agencies.

Mahindra Agri Solutions Limited launched an insecticide under the Tromph brand. The insecticide is too powerful that people can use it to kill pests almost all over the World.

The M&M group launched the e-Alfa mini on 8th September 2017. 

It is a new electric rickshaw that does not emit any pollutants. The cost of this electric rickshaw is 1.12 lakhs.

The Mahindra Group announced launching the electric smart car e2o Pus in Nepal on 19th September 2017. The Mahindra farm equipment division launched a tractor you can drive without a driver in Mahindra Research Valley in Chennai.

The Mahindra company launched an assembly plant in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 22nd September 2017. It set up this plant in a partnership with Rangs Motors Limited.

Mahindra group announced its planning of delivering 50 e supro passenger van to Himachal Pradesh transport corporation. All 50 units of esupro passenger vans will be electric and will not emit any harmful pollutants. The van is made especially for the public.

The Mahindra road construction department announced the launching of the first motor grader -Mahindra road master G-75 on 3rd October 2017.

The Mahindra group launched the W9 version of SUV XUV 500.t even launched an upper version of SUV KUV -100 on 10th October 2017. A higher version of the Mahindra Pik Up vehicle was found by the Mahindra group this year.

The automotive division of Mahindra group announced the launching of six innovative features in the sports vehicle of Scorpio. The features will enable the vehicle to have high speed and torque. A six-speed transmission in the sports vehicle Scorpio will increase performance and provide the rider with luxury and comfort. The price of the SUV Scorpio is 9.97 lakh.

The Mahindra announced his agreement with the Dewulf group, which manufactures and does marketing of potato planting equipment, in November 2017. The deal will help in bridging the potato planting technology in India.

The Mahindra Group announced the launching of the automatic version of XUV-500 in Dubai in two types, i.e., W8 FWD and W10 AWD. It even announced opening the original equipment manufacturing facility (OEM)in Michigan.

The Mahindra Group announced its collaboration with Uber group in November 2017. The uber group is a transportation company running all over the World. The company decided to tie up with Uber because of promoting electric vehicles. Electric vehicles like e2o Plus hatch and eVerito Sedan.

The Mahindra company introduced a petrol version of XUV-500, which costs 15.49 lakhs. The company announced in December 2017 that it’s planning to increase the price of passenger and commercial vehicles by 3 per cent. The price will start to increase from 1st January 2018. It is only because of the increased cost of various commodities in India.

● 2018

The Farm equipment department of Mahindra group announced its 26 per cent stake in MITRA agro equipment private limited. It is an agricultural company in Maharashtra that manufactures and designs crop sprayers.

The Mahindra company sold nearly 607,548 vehicles and 330,436 tractors in 2018-2019.

The company launched Alturas G4, Marazzo, and XUV-300, which almost three generations can use.

● 2019

There are two main associates of the Mahindra group this year, i.e., Mahindra Ideal Lanka Limited and Mahindra Sanyo Special steel private limited. The Mahindra group sold nearly 471,141 vehicles and 298,927 tractors in 2019-2020.


Mahindra group’s automotive and farm equipment was among India’s top 50 bets companies for good work in 2019. The Mahindra group did various projects related to energy conversion, which will be around 29.3 crores. Some of the projects are decreasing heat in compressors, increasing the efficiency of motors, and others. The Mahindra group won the Golden Peacock global award in 2020.

The Hariyali project of the Mahindra group (2020 edition ) was in the Limca book of records because it has planted the highest number of trees. The annual report of Mahindra company won Gold in Marcom Awards held in the United States.

● 2021

The Mahindra & Mahindra company launched XUV-700. The farm equipment sector of Mahindra group launched the Yuvo Tractor platform.

● 2022

Mahindra XUV-700 won the Indian car of the year award in 2022. Mahindra Gusto E scooter is expected to launch by October 2022.

Discontinued Models Of Mahindra & Mahindra

#1. Mahindra Armada

Mahindra Armada is a sport utility vehicle that was launched in 1993. Unfortunately, it was replaced with Mahindra Max, which has an independent front suspension, a five-speed gearbox, and enhanced sound insulation.

#2. Mahindra Maximo

The Mahindra Maximo is a mini truck manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra company in 2010. It has a 910 CC diesel engine and can reach 70 km in one hour. It was replaced with an upgraded version i.e., Mahindra Supro, in 2015.

#3. Mahindra Xylo

Mahindra Xylo was launched in January 2009, and its sale started in March 2009. Fortunately, more than 3000 Mahindra Xylo were sold in just one month. But after that, its sale declined. It was replaced with an updated version in 2012. The updated version has a 2.2-litre mHawk turbo diesel engine, an improved suspension system, rear tail lights, and others.

The sales again increased because of the updated version in June 2012. Some minor cosmetic changes were again done to Mahindra Xylo in 2013.

Mahindra Xylo was sold in India, South Africa, Columbia, and North African countries.

In 2019 Mahindra & Mahindra announced that Xylo would l discontinue from the market because of BS-VI emission standards. Finally, Mahindra Marazzo replaces Mahindra Xylo.

#4. Mahindra Quanto

Mahindra Quanto is a 7-seater mini SUV manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra in 2012. the Quanto had a three-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and produced 98.6 bhp at 3750rpm. 

The Quanto can accelerate from 0 to 100Kmpg within a few seconds. Its price was 6.48 lakhs.

The Mahindra Quanto was updated in 2016 and called Mahindra Nuvo Sport. The exterior design was quite different from Mahindra Quanto’s interior design was almost the same. The Mahindra Nuvo Sport also has the same three-cylinder turbo diesel engine as Quanto.

Unfortunately, in 2020, Mahindra Nuvo Sport was discontinued from the market because of very low sales and BS6 standards.

#5. Mahindra Verito Vibe

The Mahindra Verito vibe was launched in 2013 by Mahindra & Mahindra company later; it was converted into the Mahindra Veriti sedan in 2019.

#6. Mahindra e2o

Mahindra e2o is an electric car that Mahindra Reva manufactures. It was equipped with various innovative features like the driver can lock their car and turn on and off the air conditioning system using his mobile.

Unfortunately, the car was discontinued in 2016 because of the production of e2o plus in the market.

The e2o was launched in 2016 in the U.K. but stopped in 2017 because of fewer sales. 


#7.TUV 300

Mahindra & Mahindra launched TUV-300 in 2015, designed in Mahindra Research Valley, Chennai. The TUV-300 has the same engine m-Hawk engine series as XUV-500 and Scorpio. But the problem with TUV-300 was that it had small engine displacement. Consequently, the vehicle produced low engine power.

It was replaced by TUV-300 plus in 2018. It is an upgraded version of the TUV-300 and has nine total seats.

Mahindra Vehicles Demand In India Today

Mahindra Cars

● Scorpio

● Bolero

● XUV-300

● XUV-700 5 Seater

● XUV -700 7 Seater

● Thar

● Alturas G4

● Bolero- Neo

Mahindra Tractors

● Mahindra 575 DI

● Mahindra Arjun 555 DI

● Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 Di-i

● Mahindra Jivo -245 DI

● Mahindra 475 DI XP Plus

● Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT

Mahindra Scooters

● Mahindra Gusto-110

● Mahindra Gusto -125

Mahindra Bikes

● Mahindra Mozo

Future Plans

Mahindra & Mahindra plans to bring 13 new SUVs by 2027, of which eight will be electric. The company has planned to invest Rs 3000 crore in electric vehicles.

It has even planned to launch 17 new commercial vehicles by 2027, from which eight vehicles will run on electricity.

Mahindra & Mahindra company expects the farm machinery to grow by ten times in 2027. It has even planned to launch 15 new products in the agricultural machinery field by the end of 2027.

A Few Final Words

 The Mahindra company is a reputed automobile manufacturing company that s not only famous in India but also well known all over the globe. The company has a revenue of almost $13 billion in a year.

I hope the information in this article is helpful. You can share on social media so that many helpful persons can read the article.

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