Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India

onJuly 23, 2022

Accidents are unpredictable, and they may injure your head and face. So, the helmet is a necessary accessory that can protect your head from road mishaps. So, a person should wear a helmet while riding his bike or motorcycle.

Again, in almost all cities of India Government has made it mandatory that a two-wheeler rider should wear a helmet while riding; otherwise, he has to be fine. For example, in Mumbai, you must give a fine of 1000 rupees if you drive a two-wheeler without a helmet.

You may have searched and read reviews of hundreds of motorcycles before purchasing them. But what’s next? Have you searched about the helmet? 

Most people ignore helmets or don’t read any reviews while purchasing them. You will find numerous helmets in the shop of different brands and styles that may confuse you.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Helmet?

#1. Prevent Head Injury

No one can predict accidents. But if you wear a helmet, it will protect your skull in an unanticipated accident. So, the helmet is a safety device while riding bikes or motorcycles on the road.

#2. Stops Wind

Gusty wind while driving is uncomfortable for a two-wheeler rider. But a good helmet prevents the gusty winds from striking your eyes.

#3. Protects Face from Harsh Sunray’s

A good helmet prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from falling on your face in summer.

#4. Protects Your Eyes

Sometimes leaves or dust can fall on your eyes and hinder the rider from seeing clearly on the road. But a good helmet prevents objects or insects from falling on the eyes.

#5. Avoid Penalty

Wearing a helmet is now a day compulsory in most towns and cities. Thus, it helps in obeying traffic rules and can prevent you from giving fines to cops.

Different Types of Helmets

There were limited options available for helmets ten years ago. But nowadays, manufacturers develop different helmets, and you can choose one from them. There are numerous options based on colour, design, and fitting are available in the market. Customized helmets are also available in the market, but they are a bit expensive.

We have listed some of the common types of helmets below.

#1. Full Face Helmet

A full-face helmet can protect the face and skull of a rider in an unanticipated accident. It even protects from jaws and chin, which can get severely damaged during an accident.

#2. Half Helmet

A half helmet is just like a sturdy cap. It protects the head of the rider but cannot protects the face and lower back portion. So, it is not a good helmet from a safety point of view. Most people prefer to wear a half helmet while traveling for short distances in scooters.

#3. Off-Road Helmet 

Riders usually prefer to wear off-road helmets while riding a bike off-road. These helmets are generally light in weight and don’t have visors. You should wear tight goggles while using an off-road helmet.

#4. Open Face Helmet 

An open-face helmet comes with an open-face. The helmet covers the top and back sections of the head of the rider. But unfortunately, the face of the rider is not covered here. You will not find a chin bar in an open-face helmet. So, open face helmet can only protect the head of a rider but cannot protect the face and chin during an unexpected accident.

The open-face helmets are lightweight and may nor may not come with a visor.

#5. Modular Helmet

Modular helmets are also flip helmets because you can flip up the vision and chin bar while riding. A rider can choose the visor to flip up or down according to wind or weather conditions. But these helmets are slightly heavy compared to full-face helmets.

#6. Dual Sports Helmet

The dual sports helmet is also known as a hybrid helmet. It is an amalgamation of full-face and off-road helmets. You can use these helmets while traveling both off-road and on normal roads.

The article lists the top ten best helmet brands in India. So, read the article in detail about the importance of helmets and the ten top helmet brands.

10 Best Helmet Brands in India

I have listed below some of the top helmet brands in India. 

#1. Vega 

Vega Auto Accessories was established in the year 1982 in Belgaum (India) and incorporated in 1983. It is one of the essential brands of the Vega group of industries. The Vega group of accessories is a prime manufacturer of helmets that is well known for its design and quality.

Vega helmets are exported to the USA, Italy, Germany, South Africa, and other countries worldwide. Vega Auto accessories produce almost 45,000 helmets in a month.

Vega helmets start from 800 rupees and can extend to 2,500 rupees.

Vega helmets are for both men as well as women. So, ladies can also wear Vega helmets. So, you can find different types of Vega helmets on the market, like open-face helmets, half-face helmets, bike helmets, off-road helmets, and others. Atom and Verve are two famous names of Vega helmets for the women’s category. Simultaneously Aster, Cruiser, Atom, and Blaze are some of the prominent names of the open-face Vega helmets category.

Fortunately, all the helmets are certified by ISI (Indian Standard Institute), DOT (Department Of Transportation), and ECE(Economic Commission of Europe).

#2. Steel Bird

Steel bird Hitech Limited was established in the year 1964 by Subash Kapoor. He founded the company by investing only 3000 rupees in New Delhi, and today it is one of the leading helmet manufacturers in Asia. The Steel bird company now has five offices in India and is operated by more than 3000 well-trained staff.

The Steel Bird is headed by Mr. Rajeev Kapoor, the son of Subash Kapoor. He joined the Steel bird company at the age of 20 years, and fortunately, within two years, the company became famous all over the globe. The reputation and fame of Steel bird in Asia have resulted in collaboration with BIFEE, which is one of the best manufacturers of helmets in the world.

The Steel bird company produces nearly 2-3 million helmets every year. The helmets are exported to several countries in the world, like Brazil, Nepal, Dubai, Egypt, Columbia, and others.

Steel bird Hitech Limited has already entered the entertainment and real estate industry and organizes motorsports events in various cities in India. 

Steel bird company produces numerous types of helmets like open face, full face, carbon fibre, flip-off, and motocross helmets. These helmets don’t break easily. You cannot even break these helmets with a hammer. So, in short, steel bird helmets are durable.

The steel bird air helmets launched by the company are now available with air technology which means the head and ears of the rider will remain cool during riding.

Another helmet, i.e., SBA2, was launched by the company in two months. The SBA2 Helmet has the most extended visor compared to all other helmet visors worldwide.

The company launched another attractive helmet called Steel bird Hygen. You will not have any allergies or hair fall after wearing this helmet. So overall, all the helmets manufactured by the Steel bird company have unique features that make them different from other helmets on the market.

The steel bird company even provides customized helmets like an antiglare or anti-scratch visor to cater to the customer’s needs. The price of the helmet begins from 1400 and can go till 3000.

The helmets of steel birds are specially made for men. This company’s helmets are certified by DOT, ECE, and ISI.

Today steel bird is producing almost 22,000 helmets and 16,000 side boxes in one day. The plants of steel bird company have all the latest machines like balloon moulding machines, injecting moulding machines, and various others. There is no doubt that steel bird is one of the top helmet brands in India.

#3. Studds

The story of Studds dates back to 1973. It produced its first helmet in the garage. But today, Studds is producing 7 million helmets in a year. It has four manufacturing plants in Haryana. Studds company’s manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest machinery like automatic injection moulding and various others. The studs company has a production unit of 1.5-acre land, which produces expanded polystyrene, one of the safety attributes of helmets.

Helmets of this company are even exported road. It offers numerous types of helmet-like flip-off, full faces, open faces, and off-road helmets on the market. The price of these helmets starts from Rs 800 and can go to Rs 3000. The Studds helmets are mainly designed for men, and all the helmets have ISI, ECE, and SLSI certifications.

Studds has received a lot of affection from its customers throughout the world. So, it is one of the best helmet brands in India.

The company also sells goggles, rainwear, gloves, and other things apart from helmets. 

#4. SMK 

SMK helmets are one of the top helmet brands in India. It is pretty popular in the market for its production of stylish helmets. They also have all the safety features required to protect your head. 

SMK helmets are designed in Italy but produced by Studds in India. The Studds company is based in Faridabad, India. The company has four production factories, and all the factories have advanced machines, from EPS moulding to painting and assembly. 

The company even has cutting-edge in-house laboratories in which all the SMK helmets are tested to match international standards. These helmets consist of carbon composite fiber and thermoplastic series. SMK helmets are full-face and flip-up types.

These helmets start from Rs 4000 and can go above Rs10,000. The best thing about the SMK brand is that all the helmets manufactured by the company are ECE-certified. The graphics on the helmets are pretty attractive. 

But apart from graphics, they have some more exciting features, like its padding is quite good and can give you comfort during riding. The vents on the SMK helmets can be lockable by the rider. The open-face helmets of SMK have seven models, all stylish, comfortable, and available in numerous colours. The SMK helmets last for more than three years if used properly.

#5. Aerostar Helmets

The Sai Global group produces Aerostar helmets. It is a Delhi-based company with an annual turnover of around 40 million US dollars in 201, and it targets a turnover of 140 million US dollars by 2023. The company started supplying helmets to original equipment manufacturers like Suzuki and Royal Enfield in 2017 -2018. The Sai global group started producing all its helmets in the Bhiwadi factory and produced 15,000 helmets daily. It even established a testing laboratory in the manufacturing plant to test all its helmets as per DOT and ECE standards. 

 These helmets are mainly for those who don’t want to spend much money on their helmets. The price of the helmets starts from Rs600 and can go up to Rs2000.

These helmets don’t look much stylish compared to the other above helmets. But all the Aerostar helmets are ISI-certified. You will have different types of helmets under this brand, like open-face, flip-up, full face and half-face helmets.

#6. Fastrack

The Fastrack brand of Titan is quite famous for watches. But it has recently started selling helmets. 

Titan has joined hands with AGV, an Italian manufacturer of helmets. AGV is one of the largest manufacturers of helmets in the world. So AGV manufactures the Fastrack helmets, and the marketing and design will be handled by Titan company.

The Fastrack helmets consist of polycarbonate material, for which they are scratch-resistant. The cheek padding of the helmets is made of high quality for that you don’t sweat and feel comfortable during riding. It even protects your face if any accident occurs on the road.

All the fast-track helmets are ISI-certified. You can wear these helmets while riding your motorcycle or a scooter.

The price of the Fastrack helmets starts from Rs 2,500 and can go up to Rs4,500. You will find helmets of half-face and full-face under this brand. You can wear these helmets both while scooters and on motorcycles.

#7. LS2 

Purchasing an LS2 helmet is tricky because you will find many duplicates under this brand. It shows the popularity of the LS2 brand in the Indian market.

The story of LS2 helmets dates back to the 1990s when Arthur Liao started a home business of helmets. Fortunately, that home business grew in popularity, and finally, Arthur Liao opened a plant in 1992 where he hired 100 workers. The brand name at that time was Flengxing.

In 1997 Flengxing adopted the MHR brand to operate Internationally. Arthur even took the help of his brother to expand his business. Finally, the MHR has all the latest designs of helmets after obtaining ISO 9000 certification in 2000. The popularity grew so much that the company started manufacturing nearly 2 million helmets in a year.

Later MHR thought of selling helmets directly to the consumer with its brand name, and finally, LS2 was created. The LS2 helmet was introduced in 2007 at the EXIMA exhibition in Italy.

The current collection consists of 25 models, and all are stylish and graceful. Every LS2 helmet consists of three vital things, i.e., an exterior shell, EPS liner, and numerous accessories like a visor, ventilation, and linings for comfort.

The experts check the LS2 helmets once they are removed from the mould to know whether they meet standards set by the company. Then several layers of paint and graphics are applied to all the Ls2 Helmet.

A technician usually does the final assembly of the LS2 helmet. He follows a specific process for the fitting strap, visor, and EPS liner. Once the technician fits all the accessories, it is once again checked thoroughly and then packed in boxes.

The subverter LS2 helmet is made with various innovative features, like its shell consisting of KPA, and that’s why it is a very light helmet. It has 35 independent ports, excellent for adequate airflow during riding. The helmet has a synthetic slip for which it can absorb the shocks during riding.

There is only one downside of the LS2 helmet company. You cannot differentiate between original and fake LS2 helmets. Anyways LS2 is a pretty reputed brand.

#8. THE

THH helmets are manufactured by a Taiwanese-based company called Heng Da Racing. These helmets have a round shell, are lightweight, and are comfortable to wear. 

THH helmets were not in much demand earlier because only online websites used to sell them. But now these helmets are available in shops. The price of the THH helmets starts from Rs 2,5000. You will find numerous helmet types under this brand, like full face, modular, downhill, open face, and half type.

THH helmets have a round shell, and that’s why they can be stored easily. They are even lighter compared to all other helmets above. So, riders like to wear THH helmets.

#9. TVS 

TVS helmet is another best helmet brand in India. You can use these helmets not only for daily use purposes but also for racing. The outer shell of the TVS helmet consists of carbon fibre, which helps sustain any road mishaps. 

The padding of the helmet is quite soft. So, you can wear the helmet for an extended period. You can remove the padding and wash it and then again use it. The strap of the TVS helmet allows a rider to make adjustments according to his choice.

 The price of TVS helmets starts from Rs 1000. You can find different helmets under the TVS brand, like half-face and full-face Helmets. All the helmets produced by TVS are DOT and ECE certified.

#10. Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield company is quite famous for its motorcycles. The helmets of this company are one of the best helmets in India. They are lightweight and affordable. These helmets have a thick layer that protects you during any road mishaps. 

The price starts from Rs 1800 and can go up to Rs 8000. You will find numerous types of helmets under the Royal Enfield brand. Most people like open-face helmets because you can breathe properly and talk with any person during an emergency during riding. Again, the R badge on the front of the helmet signifies your status.

Points To Remember While Buying a Helmet in India

You should always wear a helmet that consists of excellent material and gives you all types of comfort while riding. Again, it should have safety features to protect your head and face in an unexpected accident.

#1. Fitting

The helmet which you intended to purchase should fit nicely on your head. So, you need to try numerous helmets in the shop to find the best fit for you.

Some people prefer to buy online. You cannot try helmets while shopping online. You need to measure your head by tape and check with the numbers given in the size chart in an online store. 

#2. Weight

Helmets can be heavy or lightweight, depending on their construction, design, and other features. But try to choose a lightweight helmet so that it will not bother you while riding a bike on the road.

#3. Padding

Check the padding of the helmet while purchasing. The padding should be soft and cushioned so the rider will feel comfortable riding a two-wheeler on the road.

#4. Vision

The helmet which you intend to purchase should not block your vision. It should fit properly on your head and not obstruct your eyes so you can see clearly on the road.

#5. Visor

The helmet’s visor should be free from scratches so you can concentrate better on-road riding.

#6. Certification

The helmet you want to purchase should have an ISI (Indian standard Institute) mark.

#7. Balance

The helmet you want to buy should be appealing and have all the safety features. It should also be available at a rate most two-wheeler riders can afford.

#8. Type

You should not choose an off-road helmet if you ride on a normal road. You should pick the helmet according to your purpose of riding.

#9. Ventilation

The helmet should have spots for adequate airflow.

#10. Retention

Retention means the duration for which you can wear your helmet comfortably. Retention depends on numerous factors. Your helmet should remain in its position irrespective of any terrain on the road. Again, the strap should be well adjustable—the helmet should not wobble after wearing.

A Few Final Words

The helmet is a protective accessory. So, everyone should wear a helmet while riding a bike or scooter. I have listed above some of the best helmet brands in India. You can select any of them and wear them during riding. 

Again, prefer to check its fitting and comfort before purchasing. The helmet which you intend to purchase must have an ISI certification. It ensures that you have bought a good quality helmet that can be used for many years.

We thank you for reading the entire article and hope you like it. You can share it on social media so that many people can read the article.

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