TVS Motor Company: History, Company Profile, Founder

onAugust 3, 2022

TVS Motor Company (TVS), an international automaker based in India, is situated in Chennai. The company’s principal offerings include motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, three-wheelers, and related replacement parts and accessories. With sales of more than 20,000 crores (US$2.6 billion) in 2018–19, TVS Motor is the third-largest motorbike manufacturer in India. Being a reputable two- and three-wheeler manufacturer emphasizing sustainability, TVS Motor Company promotes progress via mobility. Based on the 100-year history of Trust, Value, and Passion for Customers and Exactness, the company takes satisfaction in creating items of the highest caliber sold worldwide using cutting-edge and environmentally friendly methods. 

Among all of the TVS Group entities, TVS Motor Company is the largest in terms of size and revenue. Three million units are sold by the corporation each year, and it can produce over four million vehicles annually. In terms of sales, TVS Motor Company is India’s third-largest two-wheeler manufacturer, having made more than 18,217 crores (about US$2.9 billion) in the past year. It can produce over 4.95 million automobiles annually.

TVS Motor Company is the second largest two-wheeler exporter from India, shipping to more than 60 countries. TVS Motor manufactures the widest range of two-wheelers, including mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, and racing-inspired bikes like the Apache series and the RR310. We have one for any need, no matter what it may be. 

The key to TVS Motor’s success is its considerable research and development, which produces products that set the standard for innovation in their field. By anticipating customer needs and offering high-quality automobiles at the ideal time and price, TVS achieves ultimate customer satisfaction. TVS has long been associated with cutting-edge, user-friendly, and environmentally responsible products supported by dependable customer service. Over 44 million consumers have bought a TVS product so far. The business runs four production facilities, three of which are in India – Tamil Nadu’s Hosur, Karnataka’s Mysore, and Himachal Pradesh’s Nalagarh. The company has a production facility in Indonesia at Karawang.

TVS Motor company profile

T.V. Sundaram Iyengar started the TVS Group, including the TVS Motor Company, an Indian automaker, in 1911. Its corporate headquarters are in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and it produces three-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles, and scooters. The first two-seater moped in India, the TVS 50, was introduced in 1980, while motorcycles were first produced commercially in 1989. Ntorq, Jupiter, Zest, Scooty Pep+, the bikes Radeon, StaR City+, and Sport, the XL100 moped, the iQube electric two-wheeler, and the TVS King three-wheeler are all currently available in the company’s product line.

TVS Motor Founder

Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundaram Iyengar is honored as the name of TVS’s founder. In Delhi, he began with the bus service. He established Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited, and in Delhi, their business was the first to offer bus services. They controlled the bus service at the time with their vast fleet of buses. Mr. Sundaram’s sons took over the business after his passing.

TVS Motor owner

The Chairman of TVS Motor Company, Prof. Sir Ralf Dieter Speth, and the Managing Director, Sudarshan Venu, is paving a promising future for the business. Currently, Srinivasan Venu serves as the company’s Chairman Emeritus and Managing Director. He has persevered and diligently led it to become the largest TVS Group company in size and revenue. He has been crucial to the company’s expansion in India and other critical overseas areas, such as Asia, Africa, and, more recently, Europe. Sudarshan Venu, the son of Srinivasan Venu, has been promoted by the firm to managing director starting May 5, 2022.

TVS Motor History

TVS Motor was established as the primary TVS Group brand. Present in more than 80 nations, TVS Motor has more than 50 million satisfied consumers in India. The company also places a high priority on social responsibility. It helps the Srinivasan Services Trust carry out several long-term projects that will significantly improve the quality of life for people everywhere. Sundaram Clayton was founded in the year 1962. Sundaram Company and Clayton Dewandre Holdings of the UK worked together to create this business. This partnership began producing compressors, motorbike brakes, and other automotive goods. The industry briefly engaged in the same activity—manufacturing automotive products—for around ten years.

To produce mopeds as a part of their new business, the company established a plant in Hosur in 1976. The first two-seater moped in India, the TVS 50, was released from the Hosur, Tamil Nadu, manufacturer in 1980. A technological partnership between Sundaram Clayton Ltd. and Suzuki Motor Corporation, a significant player in the Japanese auto industry, led to the creation of the joint venture. TVS Motor is the first two-wheeler company in the world to get the coveted Deming Prize for excellence in quality. It has four cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, Mysore, Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh, and Karawang, Indonesia. Our products have led their respective categories for five years in the JD Power IQS and APEAL surveys. The company held the top spot for companies for four years in the JD Power Customer Service Satisfaction Survey. One of the most sentimental motorcycle brands in the world is Norton Motorcycles, a member of our group located in the U.K. Swiss E-Mobility Group (SEMG) and EGO Movement, two of our personal e-mobility companies, hold a dominant position in the e-bike market in Switzerland.

They jointly introduced a wide range of auto motives to the market. Most products were submitted under the Suzuki brand to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Some models that the joint venture between TVS Suzuki and Suzuki launched include the Suzuki Supra, Suzuki Samurai, Suzuki Shogun, and Suzuki Shaolin. Suzuki Ltd. and Sundaram Clayton Ltd., two industry titans, collaborated on their project for approximately 19 years before calling to quit in 2001. The firms collaborated at this time to develop and produce automobiles that were better suited for the Indian market.

The conclusion of this partnership between these two titans had a significant effect on the nation’s vehicle sector. This relationship aspect led to Suzuki Ltd leaving the Indian market for roughly 30 months. Therefore it turned out to be a reckless attack on the market. According to the agreement, Suzuki is not permitted to enter the Indian market for the next 30 months, including as a joint venture or a self-producing business. After the relationship ended, the company adopted its current name, TVS Motors. This title ended up being a positive omen for the business.

In 2013, TVS Motor began producing the BMW G310R in partnership with BMW. The company’s chairman and managing director are Venu Srinivasan. The company generated 1.9 billion USD in revenue in 2016–17. Sundaram-Clayton Ltd currently owns 57.40 percent of the country’s shares, the most significant percentage.

TVS Motor established as a manufacturer of environmentally friendly products

Following its core competencies and profitability, TVS Motor will respond to consumer needs. Under the TVS brand, the company is dedicated to being a highly successful, socially conscious, and market-leading manufacturer of high-quality, environmentally friendly, lifetime personal transportation products for customers, primarily in Asian markets, as well as to bring happiness and prosperity to our employees, dealers, and suppliers. Giving the consumer the ideal goods at the perfect timing and pricing will guarantee complete customer happiness.

One of the top two two-wheeler producers in India and one of the top five two-wheeler producers in Asia will be TVS Motor. Utilizing its production, technology, and marketing skills, TVS Motor will have successful operations abroad, particularly in Asian markets. The main goal will be to increase international business’s percentage of total turnover. By continuously comparing itself to world leaders, TVS Motor will refine and maintain its technological edge. TVS Motor is dedicated to embracing TQM and becoming a self-reviewing organization for all times. TVS Motor respects the value of the procedure. The final products of people and projects and the method used will be used to evaluate them.

As a major producer of personal transportation products, TVS Motor Company firmly believes that all company activities should incorporate environmental, occupational health, and safety considerations to protect society and the workforce.

The company firmly believes in:

● Establish performance benchmarks and raise them for all EHS-related activities, including legal and other compliance.

● Prevent pollution from emissions, effluents, and wastes, and support resource preservation.

● enhance energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy to address climate change

● Maintain your connection to nature and make sure that natural ecosystems are protected.

● Make the workplace a safe workplace and guard against accidents and illness.

● Engage workers in advancing environmental, occupational, and safety improvements.

● Employee counseling, education, and training should be provided. Encourage the adoption of sound EHS practices by suppliers, dealers, and contractors.

According to TVS Motor, a company’s success is based on the commitment and growth of its employees. Through structured training and career planning, there will be an ongoing effort to enhance employees’ talents and increase job satisfaction. To help each employee reach their full potential, TVS Motor will provide a friendly atmosphere. The actions of all of TVS Motor’s employees to reinvent themselves will be supported and encouraged, and their sense of worth will be nurtured.

To protect its employees, the environment, and the surrounding communities, TVS Motor firmly believes that Safety, Health, and Environmental considerations should be included in all business activities. TVS Motor aims to build lasting partnerships based on mutual trust and dependence with its clients, staff, dealers, and suppliers. 

Competitive Force Model by TVS Motor

The examination of the TVS competitive force model is as follows:

Even though TVS has a long history of serving low-income customers in the two-wheeler sector, TVS Motor will look at the suppliers’ power in this situation. The strength of the suppliers is constrained by the highly fragmented nature of the TVS supplier market and the likelihood of backward integration. To obtain parts and accessories for its vehicles, TVS collaborates with various regional suppliers. This blatantly shows how weak the supplier’s power is. The emergence of numerous new small-scale producers has also helped significant vehicle producers like TVS get highly competitive prices for their spare components.

Buyer Power: Due to the large variety of goods and brands available, buyers have more clout in the two-wheeler industry. Today’s consumers are picky and precise about what they expect to get for their money. The greatest threat to TVS is that customers are looking for a brand that offers better rates and technology, undermining customer loyalty for every company today.

Replacement Threat: Compared to other aspects, the threat of substitutes is shallow because it looks like the market is expanding and maturing daily. Further down the road, though, the company could see the danger posed by quickly rising gas prices, which might compel consumers to switch to more fuel-efficient diesel cars. Bicycles and battery-powered two-wheelers have also been introduced due to growing environmental concerns, which could pose a problem for TVs in the future.

TVS Motor – Development

According to TVS Motor Company, it sold 278.855 autos in July 2021, up 10% over the same month the year before. The homegrown carmaker sold 252,744 vehicles in July 2020.

In addition to a surge in local sales, the brand has also experienced growth abroad. It claimed to have exported 103,133 vehicles in July 2021, up 65 percent from the same month the year before. It exported 62,389 vehicles in July 2020. TVS recorded a 62 percent growth in exports in the two-wheeler industry alone in July 2021, with 87,559 units. In July of the prior year, it exported 54,141 two-wheelers to international markets.

The automaker claims that the export market’s demand is still robust and that container availability is rising compared to the few months before shipping was disrupted. TVS predicts a further increase in container availability over the upcoming months.

Well-known TVS Motor products

The TVS Ntorq – The TVS Ntorq 125 is a motor scooter made in India by the TVS Motor Company. Its single-cylinder, four-stroke, three-valve TVS engine produces 6.9 kW (9.4 PS) at 7500 rpm. The scooter has a 6.5-second 0 to 60 km/h acceleration. According to the manufacturer, the scooter’s peak speed is 95 km/h. It is the first 125 cc bike from TVS with Bluetooth capability.

Launched in February 2018, TVS claims the Ntorq 125 is several firsts for the Indian scooter market, including the engine kill switch, stealth-inspired styling, and Bluetooth-connected speedometer (with navigation assistant, caller ID, top-speed recorder, in-built lap-timer, and service reminder), and more.

TVS Jupiter – The TVS Jupiter is an aromatic scooter introduced in September 2013 by the TVS Motor Company in India. The corporation entered the market segment that primarily targets women with the introduction of the scooter. This Variomatic Scooter was introduced as a Honda Activa rival. According to the manufacturer, the scooter has an “Econometer” and has a 49 km/l fuel efficiency.

As a result, the user is better able to handle various road conditions thanks to improved maneuverability and stability.

TVS Scooty – TVS Motors of India produces scooters under the TVS Scooty brand. It is marketed primarily to women. In 2009, it was the top-selling scooter brand among models targeted particularly at female consumers, selling roughly 25,000 units per month instead of 60,000 for the top-selling scooter in India.

TVS Apache – Since 2006, TVS Motors has produced motorcycles under the name “TVS Apache.” More than 4 million Apaches will be in use by 2020. The TVS Apache is now available in five variations from the business. The engine displacement, the available options, and the performance characteristics vary between variations. The letters “RTR” in the motorcycle names stand for “Racing Throttle Response.”

TVS Radeon – The TVS Radeon is a smart option in India’s commuter motorcycle market. For a 110cc motorbike, it combines elegance and sportiness.

TVS Star City Plus – The TVS Star City Plus is a moped that comes in two variations and eight colors. A 109.7 cc BS6 engine with a 4 Speed gearbox powers the TVS Star City Plus. Drum rear brakes and Disc front brakes are features of the TVS Star City Plus. There are over 346 user reviews for TVS Star City Plus based on factors like mileage, performance, cost, and overall satisfaction. Switch bikes.

TVS XL100 Comfort – The top variant of this vehicle is priced at Rs. 54,391 and is offered in 2 variations and six colors. The 99.7cc BS6 engine that powers the TVS XL100 Comfort produces 4.3 horsepower and 6.5 Nm of torque.

TVS Raider 125 – The TVS Raider 125 is an excellent commuter motorcycle for new riders. It has some best-in-class features installed. According to segment standards, the general aesthetics and design are stunning. TVS outfits the Raider with a smooth gearbox and an extremely well-tuned and respectably powerful engine. The powertrain operates faultlessly and comfortably outperforms rivals in the market.

Marketing Techniques: What makes TVS so successful?

A Bike for everyone

TVS Motors aims to offer a wide range of products to satisfy the needs of all two-wheeler users. The most comprehensive selection of two-wheelers is produced by TVS Motor, making commuting motorbikes, racing-inspired bikes like the Apache series and the RR310, mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles. India’s middle-class and upper-middle classes may buy these motorcycles because they are priced reasonably and affordably. The company was also the first in India to produce motorcycles with affordable prices targeted at the working class.

Desire for Excellence

The four production facilities owned by TVS Motor are located in Mysore, Hosur, Himachal Pradesh, and Indonesia. The company’s product quality has been more consistent thus far. The bikes are reliable and robust.

Innovative Leadership

TVS, which today has 15 million clients on the road, provides high-quality vehicles to fulfill its customers and the market’s constantly shifting needs. The company excels at developing and producing new goods; in 1997, TVS Motors became the first automaker to release seven automobiles on the same day. They want to make customers happier.

Research and development (R&D) programs

With the aid of cutting-edge technology, the company has an intense research and development (R&D) division. At their top-notch testing facility, they have a one-of-a-kind environment for testing the engines’ lifetime warranties and noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).

They receive help from powerful computers to create new product breakthroughs and good designs. The team has spent more than ten years concentrating on environmentally friendly products, helping to address the reality of global climatic changes and rising carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Creating hybrid products with low emissions, excellent fuel efficiency, and reusable components was an achievement. Their automatic gearbox technology for scooters has won considerable praise worldwide for its incredibly low emissions and fuel efficiency. A range of products on the market was developed using the 81 publications the TVS R&D department produced.

Achievements of TVS Motor Company

• TVS Raider Named Indian Motorcycle of the Year 2022 – The IMOTY award is the most prestigious national and can be given to any motorcycle. This year’s winner is a TVS 125cc motorcycle.

• TVS Raider gets named “Bike of the Year” at the prestigious 2021 Jagran Hi-Tech awards.

• Two-wheeler manufacturer of the year at the 2019 Bike Awards

• JD Power Asia Pacific Awards have recognized TVS Motor as having the highest level of customer satisfaction for 2018.

• According to the JD Power Asia Pacific Awards, the TVS Apache RTR180 is the Most Appealing Premium Motorcycle for 2018.

• J.D.Power Asia Pacific Awards named TVS StaR City + the top Economy Motorcycle for 2018.

• The 2017 Indian Motorcycle of the Year

• The TVS Scooty Zest 110 won the 2016 JD Power Asia Pacific Awards for Most Attractive Executive Scooter.

By the 2015 NDTV Car and Bike Awards, TVS Motor Company was recognized as the Two Wheeler Manufacturer of the Year.

• TVS is India’s Most Reliable Brand for Two Wheelers.

TVS Motor Company has introduced the limited-edition TVS HLX 125 Gold and TVS HLX 150 Gold in Kenya. These two celebrity limited editions have been released to celebrate the landmark global TVS HLX series sales of over two million units. By meeting various commuting demands, TVS HLX has significantly contributed to the transformation of millions of lives in Africa. In rural and urban settings, the motorcycle has enabled last-mile connectivity for commercial taxis and delivery services throughout Africa, the Middle East, and LATAM.

TVS Motor Subsidiaries include: 

• Norton Motorcycle Company: TVS Motor Company purchased this company back in 2020. TVS Motor Company purchased Norton Motorcycles in the year 2020. Recently, Norton Motorcycles announced that its new worldwide headquarters was now complete.

• TVS Housing Limited: Founded on March 22, 2010, TVS Housing Limited is a public company. It is registered with the Registrar of Companies in Chennai and is categorized as a Non-Government Company.

• Singapore-based TVS Motor(Singapore) Pte. Ltd.: The wholly-owned subsidiary of TVS Motor Company with its headquarters in Singapore, TVS Motor (Singapore) Pte Limited, is used to enable investments across the globe, including in TVS Motors Indonesia, digital technology start-ups, and future mobility assets.

• TVS Motor Services Limited: Founded on March 23, 2009, this public company is 13 years and three months old. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is where it has its registered office. It deals with selling, upkeep, and repairing motorbikes, accessories, and related parts.

• PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia: This company makes vehicles with two wheels. The company sells replacement motorcycle parts in addition to producing motorcycles with various engine sizes and prices. Customers of TVS can be found all around Indonesia.

• Sundaram Automotive Components Limited: It began operations in 1988 and is a member of the $7.29 billion TVS group. Since our founding, we have expanded to become a full-service supplier of injection-molded plastic solutions for the automobile sector.

TVS Motor’s bio-reserve forest

600+ floral and 300+ animal species may be found in the 100+ acres of wildlife-friendly area that makes up TVS Motor’s bio-reserve forest. The refuge features one of the largest Painted Stork nesting colonies and a new aquatic habitat that draws Pelicans. Here, hidden from prying eyes, the threatened Indian Grey Pangolin and Grey Slender Loris can safely hide. Our Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Venu Srinivasan, is the creator of the forest. Thanks to his vision, the business has given a significant amount of land, spread between factories, for the forest to flourish for birds and other creatures to roam freely.

Digital Transformation

At TVS Motor Company, digitization and automation have been the primary pillars of capability and concentration. At TVS Motor, we have developed and implemented automation at scale, ranging from industrial automation in manufacturing and assembly processes to robotic process automation in corporate services. Our digital projects aim to engage and please our customers with our experiences. One of our most essential and reliable long-term partners in the digital transformation effort is SAP.

TVS Motor Latest news

A supplier of e-mobility solutions in the DACH area, TVS Motor Company, has purchased a 75% ownership in the Swiss E-Mobility Group (SEMG), which runs the country’s largest pure-play e-bike retail chain, M-way, with close to USD 100 million in annual sales. Through TVS Motor (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based subsidiary of the company, the $100 million all-cash transactions were completed.

TVS Motor Company has just announced an additional investment of $100 million in Norton Motorcycles. Norton Motorcycles, the most recognizable sporting motorbike brand in Britain, was purchased by TVS Motor Company in April 2020. Recently, Norton unveiled its brand-new production facility in Solihull, West Midlands, where it will continue to produce high-quality British bicycles in England using a combination of old handcrafting methods and modern automation. Norton Motorcycles has established a new brand strategy to position the company for an exciting and sustainable future. The company is committed to restoring a renowned British motorcycle brand to levels of global business performance that are on par with the best in the world. 

In May 2022, TVS Motor Company, an Indian motorcycle manufacturer, reported an increase in overall domestic sales of 81.5 percent to 302,982 units. The corporation sold 166,889 units in the same month the previous year. In contrast, the company’s exports fell by 3.8 percent to 110,245 units in May 2022 from 114,674 units in May 2021.

The company recorded an 85.89 percent increase in overall two-wheeler sales, which in May 2022 were 287,058 units, up from 154,416 units sold in May 2021.

The Future of TVS Motor

While TVS Motor Company has already started producing and selling its new electric scooter, the iQube is anticipated to experience exponential growth in a few specific regions when a new range of electric cars enters the market under the new vertical. The most likely vehicles are two- and three-wheelers, with 5 to 25 kW of power. However, the company’s electric vehicle division will coexist with its ICE vehicle division for the time being.

The top-of-the-line TVS iQube ST model is propelled by a 5.1 kWh battery pack created by TVS Motor and offers 140 km of on-road range per charge. With its 7″ TFT touch screen, 5-way joystick interactivity, music control proactive notifications including vehicle health, 4G telematics, and OTA updates, the TVS iQube ST offers unprecedented intelligent ride connectivity.

However, likely, the business is currently looking for partnerships to help it extend its charging network and meet consumer demand. It has created a new EV factory that will be scalable to meet demand. Additionally, the company is looking into the prospect of handling significant backend production of batteries and other essential components in-house.

In the third quarter of FY 22, compared to the second, the company generated operating revenue of Rs 5,706 crore, the most considerable amount ever. Compared to the third quarter that concluded in December 2020, its operating Ebitda margin for the quarter was 10%. For the quarter, TVS Motor reported a profit after tax (PAT) of Rs 288 crore, up from Rs 266 crore in the same period of the previous fiscal.

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