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Tata Punch Overview

The Tata Punch is the best-in-class safest Micro SUV, available in various variants by Tata Motors. The off-road cruiser can enable drivers to drive in any terrain. The car is ideal for Indian road conditions with its best safety features. The SUV is available in an economical price range of Rs. 5.93 to 9.48 lakhs. The vehicle has impressive style and comfort and is a good car with reasonable pricing. To satisfy the requirements of an extensive blend of car lovers, Tata Punch offers more variants, each having exclusive features suitable for all Indian car lovers. The 5-seater hatchback vehicle is available with a powerful engine with excellent BHP and spacious boot space. Regarding the exteriors, the Tata Punch variants are available with exclusive stylish outlooks that can attract everyone. The car is available in a variety of attractive shades that can provide a vivid look to the SUV.

Tata Punch Variants

Customers with a vast range of choices can satisfy their requirements with Tata Punch. The SUV is available in both manual and automatic transmission systems. Each variant has its variants with distinct abilities. There are 30 different models of the Tata Punch. The Tata Punch Pure is the lowest-priced model, retailing for Rs. 5.93 Lakh, whereas the Tata Punch Kaziranga Edition AMT IRA is the highest priced, costing Rs. 9.49 Lakh.

Manual Transmission

There are 16 manual varieties of the Tata Punch that are petrol. Punch Pure, the entry-level Manual model, costs Rs. 5.92 Lakh, while Punch Kaziranga Edition IRA, the most expensive Manual variation, costs Rs. 8.88 Lakh.

  • Punch Pure
  • Punch Pure Rhythm
  • Punch Adventure
  • Punch Camu Adventure
  • Punch Adventure Rhythm
  • Punch Camo Adventure Rhythm
  • Punch Accomplished
  • Punch Camo Accomplished
  • Punch Accomplished Dazzle
  • Punch Camo Accomplished Dazzle
  • Punch Creative St
  • Punch Creative
  • Punch Kaziranga
  • Punch Creative IRA ST
  • Punch Creative IRA
  • Punch Kaziranga IRA

Automatic Transmission

The 14 Automatic variations of the Tata Punch are all petrol-powered. Punch Adventure AMT, the entry-level Automatic model, costs Rs. 7.29 Lakh, while Punch Kaziranga Edition AMT IRA, the most expensive Automatic version, costs Rs. 9.48 Lakh.

  • Punch Adventure
  • Punch Camo Adventure
  • Punch Adventure Rhythm.
  • Punch Camo Adventure Rhythm
  • Punch Accomplished
  • Punch Camo Accomplished
  • Punch Accomplished Dazzle
  • Punch Camo Accomplished Dazzle
  • Punch Creative St
  • Punch Creative
  • Punch Kaziranga
  • Punch Creative IRA ST
  • Punch Creative IRA
  • Punch Kaziranga IRA

Personalisation Options

Pure Persona: Customers who value simplicity and minimalism should choose this model.

Adventure Persona brand: Customers with an adventurous spirit and a love of the great outdoors should personalize this variant.

Accomplished Persona: For the urbanite who enjoys making a fashion choice with each drive.

Creative persona: For digital natives who love to be constantly linked and have knowledge at their disposal by personalizing the Creative model.

Tata Punch Exterior Design

Tata Punch has a masculine outer design that can provide a beautiful look to your vehicle. The exteriors of the micro SUV are shaded with vivid and impressive colour patterns.

Definitive Colours

Foliage Green, Grassland Beige, Tornado Blue, Calypso Red, Meteor Bronze, Atomic Orange, Tropical Mist, Daytona Grey, and Orcus White are the colour shades available for users. With all these attractive paints, Tata Punch can be a distinct and unique choice for all SUV lovers.

Extraordinary Exterior Design

Tata Punch can impress viewers with its bold design. The tail lamps are assertive and attractive. R16 diamond-cut alloy wheels support the superior exteriors of the Tata Punch. The roofs are available with a stylish railing that can excite the viewers and riders. The signature humanity line available in the front of the SUV will add more ambience to the exterior design.

Stunning Cladding Design

Claddings can create stunning outlooks when appropriately used. Tata Punch has striking cladding in door panels. The masculine exterior design of the car is boosted with eye catchy wheel arches and sill cladding. Rear bumpers also supplement with artistic cladding design.

Brightening HeadLamps

Tata Punch is equipped with an illuminating headlight with auto-follow technology. The split headlamp arrangement can offer bright vision. LED DRLs are available at the upper portion, and prominent headlamps are a little lower. This arrangement of the lighting system can illuminate the pathways. The tail lamps have a tri-arrow design that can captivate anyone. Above all, the headlamps can adjust themselves on their own, making the ride hassle-free.

Convenient Doors

Tata Punch variants are handy with superior doors that are capable of opening at 90 degrees. This ability can enable users to access the boot space comfortably. The handles of the rear doors are available behind the windows.

TataPunch Interior Design

The interior ambience of the Tata Punch can amaze its users. All the components and gadgets available inside the SUV are crafted with extreme care and innovation. The dashboard is eye catchy and can engage the riders with the rhythm of Tata Punch.

Ultimate Upholstery

All the variants of Tata Punch can amaze users with premium upholstery crafted with vivid patterns. The interiors of the Tata Punch SUV have a tri-arrow design that gives passengers a royal feel.

Daring Dashboard

Tata Punch can offer a royal and stylish instrument panel with smart options. The dashboard is available with a 7 inches illuminating LCD. The panel colour is harmonized with the interior shades. The military green dashboards of the Camo version can blend with the inner hues.

Exemplary Seats

The comfy seats of Tata Punch variants may offer extreme comfort for both drivers and riders. The driver’s seat is equipped with height adjustment for better visibility. The rear seat is available with a central armrest to offer comfort and a royal feel.

Utility Space and Glove Boxes

Tata Punch has a huge utility space and smart box in the interiors. The glove box is cooled to keep your things chill, and the utility area can accommodate more than 25 items easily and comfortably.


Tata Punch is the best-in-class micro SUV having outstanding attributes and abilities. Meant for its extreme performance, Tata Punch has extreme mastery in offering flawless execution.

  • Available with a large 7-inch touchscreen LCD information panel
  • Superior audio with 6-speaker Harman System
  • Digital instrument panel for full info display
  • Powerful 1.2 litres Revotron three-cylinder engine
  • Available in manual and auto transmission versions
  • More ample boot space
  • City and eco-drive modes
  • Superior connectivity features
  • IRA integration
  • Easy to use Steering mounted controls
  • Contrasting roof colours
  • Automatic wiper equipped with sensors
  • Efficient rear camera for reverse guidance
  • Twin airbags for driver and rider


Tata Punch is a smart mini SUV with reliable and trustworthy safety features. Complete integration of safety utilities is available in Tata Punch variants for the users.

Air Bags

As the Tata Punch SUV has a powerful engine, it secures the drivers and rider with a dual airbag combo.

Reverse Camera

Parking assistance is an essential ability necessary for all. Tata Punch variants are equipped with a high-quality reverse camera to visualize the rear atmosphere. It can help you in parking your vehicle or reversing it in urban traffic.

Fog Light With Cornering Functionality

The fog light available in the Tata Punch SUV can provide the driver with a better road view in any atmosphere. The fog lamps are integrated with cornering ability to assist drivers while turning around sharp corners.

Automatic Headlamps

Headlamps can illuminate the ride. Tata Punch has lights that can turn on automatically when there is poor brightness. It can enable the riders to get a clear view of the road at any time and anywhere.

Wipers With Rain Sensing Ability

Tata Punch is suitable for all climate conditions and terrains. The front windshield is equipped with a smart wiper system. It can ensure that the rider gets a clear road view in any climatic conditions. The wiper setup is capable of actuating automatically when your windshield is drenched with rain dews.

Safer Cabin

The Cabin strength of an SUV depends on the build of the frame. Tata Punch has a fortified framework that can offer riders ultimate safety and rigidity. The structure can absorb any type of impact and secure passengers from shock.

Braking System

A smart braking system is essential for ensuring the safety of any SUV vehicle. Tata Puch has a front disk brake and rear drum brake type. ABS braking systems embedded with EBD can enhance the braking stability of your SUV. The braking system can keep your vehicle stable and steady on any sort of terrain.

Tires and Wheels

Tata Punch is equipped with tires that measure 175/65 R15 84H in size. The creative variant of Tata Punch runs on 195/60 R16 radial tubeless tires. The Pure, Adventure and Accomplished models of the SUV are equipped with 185/70 R15 tubeless radial tires.

The Pure and Adventure type Tata Punch variants have tubeless tires mounted over a steel wheel, and the Accomplished version of the vehicle is equipped with Hyper steel wheels. Creative Tata Punch SUV rolls over an alloy wheel fitted with radial tubeless tires.

Engine Specifications & Performance

The performance extent of any SUV pertains to its engine specification. The Tata Punch Mini SUV has a smart engine with excellent performance features to offer the drivers a better off-road driving experience.


Tata Punch has a three-cylinder, 1.2-liter Revotron petrol engine. The engine has a Dyna pro-technology-assisted combustion process. It ensures the fresh air intake during the combustion process to enhance its efficiency.


Tata Punch variables are available both in manual and auto transmission modes. The 5-speed transmission system of Tata Punch can help riders in handling the SUV with ease. The Tata SUV with AMT mode can provide an excellent off-road driving experience with the unique traction pro mode.

Driving Modes

Tata Punch offers different driving modes as per the necessity of the riders. Drivers can feel the extreme engine power in the City driving mode and conserve fuel with the eco mode. The efficient cruise control of the Tata Punch variants can enable drivers to have control of their speed on highways.

Horsepower and Torque

The Tata Punch SUV is equipped with a powerful engine having a horsepower of 63kW at the rate of 6000 rpm. The vehicle can run with a maximum torque of 113 Nm at 3300rpm, and it makes the vehicle suitable for all terrains.


Suspensions are integral elements of a vehicle for the comfort of the ride. Tata Punch variants are available with front independent lower wishbone McPherson Strut suspension integrated with coil spring for batter shock absorptions. The rear suspension of the SUV is equipped with a partially independent twist beam with coil spring and a rigid shock absorber.

Good Things & Bad Things About Car

To better understand the abilities of the Tata Punch manual and automatic variants, it is essential to explore the positive and negative factors of the SUV. Here we go with the comprehensive comparisons of the Tata Punch.


  • The tight back end and mini-Harrier face.
  • Well-constructed cabin with room for four individuals.
  • The 366-litre cargo can hold large items.
  • The 1.2L NA petrol engine provides smooth city driving.
  • Satisfactory performance at 90 mph.
  • Road manners that are in order and comforting high-speed stability
  • Harman 6-speaker ICE with good sound. One of the more effective solutions in this market
  • Auto headlights and wipers.
  • Cruise control, Traction Pro (AMT),
  • Factory personalization kits
  • Dual airbags, CSC, brake sway control, ISOFIX, and other safety features.


  • More noise than action at 100 kph & above.
  • The suspension tune is strong (R16 variants). It is reasonable and functional, but you can sense the poor roads.
  • It is reasonable and functional, but you can sense the poor roads. The Tata Punch AMT gearbox is rough and slow.
  • In terms of refinement and noise, vibration, and harshness, 3-cylinder petrol engines fall short of 4-cylinder competitors.
  • Diesel or petrol turbo options are not available.
  • The cabin’s width only allows enough space for four persons.
  • Auto-dimming IRVM, a split-back seat, back AC ducts, and a full-size spare wheel are lacking.
  • The quality of Tata’s after-sales support is not reliable.

Tata Punch Competitors

A 1.2-litre gasoline engine with normally aspirated combustion produces 84 horsepower and 113 Nm for the Tata Punch. The majority of the vehicles in this segment have 1- and 1.2-liter petrol engines. The smooth 4-cylinder engines that produce roughly the same amount of power as the other 3-cylinder engines are only available in the WagonR and Ignis. Punch has a 3-cylinder engine, but Tata has nevertheless succeeded in making it relatively silent.

Considering the available transmissions in this section, the Punch receives both an MT and an AMT but not a CVT. The only vehicles in this line to feature a CVT gearbox are the Kiger and the Magnite.

CVTs are much more refined as compared to AMT and offer a smoother variable speed drive experience. The Mahindra KUV100 NXT only comes with a manual transmission. Most automobiles, as demonstrated above, have an AMT option.

If we’re talking about more power, the Renault Kiger, Nissan Magnite, and Hyundai Grand i10 Nios all provide turbo-petrol engines that deliver significantly more power than the rest of the cars on the list. Given the proportions of these automobiles, the Punch would be more beneficial because it produces more power than the nat-asp versions of identical cars. These tiny SUVs appear to be underpowered by their smaller nat-asp engines since they are larger than their hatchback competitors.

Among hatchbacks and sub-compact SUVs, there are differences in size. Via Punch, Tata is attempting to fill the gap between hatchbacks as well as SUVs. Punch, smaller than the sub-four meter dimensions, is the widest and broadest SUV following the sister models Magnite and Kiger constructed on the same basis. Punch has roomier interiors compared to the rest of its competitors because it is wider and longer by more millimetres. WagonR is the shortest yet tallest of all the vehicles in the comparison, despite its small length. In terms of strength, the Tata Punch is slightly smaller than the WagonR and KUV100, as well as slightly above the segment average.

The Punch’s 2445 mm wheelbase places it well in the middle of the market, with Kiger and Magnite boasting 2500mm and KUV100 NXT having the shortest wheelbase at 2385mm, although being closest to the sister SUVs. Punch will provide enough legroom because a longer wheelbase equates to more of it.

The statistics indicate that Punch, which has roomy cabins and enough legroom compared to hatchbacks as well as subcompact SUVs with hatchback-like external proportions and small hatchback exterior dimensions, respectably occupies the middle of this automobile segment.


SUVs are ideal vehicles for off-roading and all-terrain driving. Tata Punch is the best-in-class micro-SUV suitable for drivers of any genre. If you opt to buy one for yourself, we refer to Tata Punch as it has excellent abilities and functionality. To assist you in understanding what Tata Punch can offer you, we have briefed you about the features and specifications of the SUV in this post. Explore this brief and get a clear picture of the car.


Image Source: “tatamotors.com”


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Tata Punch is a 5-seater SUV that costs between Rs. 5.93 and Rs. 9.49 lakhs. There are 30 versions, an 1199 cc, a BS6 engine, and 2 gearbox choices: manual and automatic. Four people can travel in the car with comfort and ease.
As speed increases, the Punch becomes more enjoyable, so as you maintain it over 3,000 rpm, between traffic lights, and on big metropolitan roads, everything will be great. Simply at some moments, particularly when carrying a heavy load, the vehicle's curb weight of about 1,000 kg and its feeble bottom end may result in an unpleasant drive.
For adult occupancy, Tata Punch receives a 5-star rating, while for kid safety, it receives a 4-star rating. Featuring innovations including a parking assist camera, cornering lighting, two airbags, and ISOFIX child mounts, Tata makes high-quality protection with the Punch.
The Tata Punch is an excellent vehicle that has carved out a niche for itself by offering the most significant safety features while charging the most competitive prices. This automobile envelops you with an Aura that is quite strong and weighty for the targeted price. The engine is decent for the price, but it falls short due to the 3 cylinders, which are either slightly more susceptible to vibrations than the 4 cylinders engine, that you'll notice within the cabin.
The automobile also receives greater entry, exit, and ramp over angles of 20.2 degrees, 20.3 degrees, and 37.6 degrees, respectively. The Tata Punch is a suitable vehicle for rough roads because of its proportions. The AMT version of the vehicle additionally comes with Traction Pro mode. All these factors justify your Tata Punch functionality.
The ALFA-ARC architecture is the foundation for the Tata Punch. The majority of the automobiles made now by Tata Motors are built on the same basis. It indicates that now the automobile is constructed on a stable, dependable base that has proven itself in each of the Global NCAP tests. In addition, Tata Punch received a five-star certification for adult protection and a four-star rating for youngsters throughout its Global NCAP assessment.
The Tata Punch offers a single petrol engine. The 1199 cc petrol engine is used in the micro-SUV. Both a manual and automated gearbox are offered in Tata Punch variants. The Punch has a range of 18.82 to 18.97 kilometres per litre based on the model and fuel systems. The Punch does have a wheelbase of 2445, a length of 3827, a width of 1742, and 5 seats.
Dyna-Pro will make sure that fresh air is delivered to the engine as effectively as feasible to promote effective combustion as well as enhanced power output. It Provides more low-end torque and a powerful riding feel befitting a real SUV.
The petrol version of the Tata Punch range, the Kaziranga Creative MT, costs 8.59 Lakh. 18.9 km/l is the verified mileage that it provides. This Kaziranga Creative MT model has an engine that produces a maximum of 84 horsepower at 6000 rpm as well as a maximum of 113 Nm at 3300 rpm.

Upon reaching a historic 1,000,000 sales in just 10 months, Tata Punch revolutionized good results. Here are the top 5 explanations behind Tata Punch's dominance in the local industry. Punch is a participant within the mini-SUV market, that may be thought of as the sportier hatchback.

● Ultimate safety options with a fortified frame

● Compact mini-Harrier looks

● Wide Spacious interiors with large boot space

● Superior AMT transmission system

● Potential to offer a comfortable and luxury ride

Tata Punch



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